Greetings from Boise, Idaho. I'm Melinda.

Welcome to my Crinkled Cookbook. 

Recipes you find here are befitting of the well-worn paper and pages that literally crinkle in family cookbooks. Homemade potato rolls and classic potato salad are two great examples!


 I live in Idaho and yes we do love our potatoes (see above recipes), but I'll feature all kinds of ingredients and inspiration from the Great Northwest here...  and sometimes a family story too. 

I've lived in the Northwest my entire life. I'm a former TV journalist (15 years) and a breast cancer survivor. I work in higher education here in Boise.  I'm a proud wife, married 27 years - and mom to a 23-year daughter and a 16-year old son - and we all share two dogs and a big fluffy cat. 

I started this website to create a place to share my collection of recipes.  A lot of them are flagged as best or classic recipes - Auntie's Favorites, those are recipes that have been prepared for years and enjoyed by many in my family. Other recipes are fairly new but I will ALWAYS let you know the origin of a recipe and will give credit where it's due if it isn't an original from my kitchen. 

I'll post things here all the time, and each month or so I'll feature four favorite recipes that align with the season or an upcoming holiday. Check out the homepage to see those.

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 XOXO Melinda 


Can I share Crinkled Cookbook's recipes or photos on my website or blog?

I'm so glad you are enjoying the recipes you find on my website! Here's how sharing works, I don't allow reposting of my recipes or posts word-for-word - that's a big no-no. BUT, you are welcome to link back to my recipes using a double link. So you could post: "I love the recipe for Blueberry Ribbon Cake, that I found at CrinkledCookbook.com." If you have questions on this, please feel free to contact me below.  (No spammers, please. Just real people :) 

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